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Molluscicidal activity of crude water leaf extracts of Alternanthera sesselis on Bulinus (phy) globosus
Evaporated and unevaporated extracts were prepared from both dried and fresh leaves sample and subjected to a 24 h static bioassay. A reference molluscicide niclosamide (Baylusicide) was used asExpand
Antimalarial activities of Breynia Nivosa
Background & Aim: Antiplasmodial activity of leaf extract of Breynia nivosa was evaluated to ascertain the folkloric claim of its antimalarial activity. Experimental: The crude leaf extract (75 – 225Expand
Antipyretic and antimalarial activities of Solenostemon monostachyus
Abstract Context: Solenostemon monostachyus P. Beauv (Lamiaceae) is an important herb used traditionally in the treatment of malaria, fever, and other diseases. Objectives: Antiplasmodial andExpand
Antiplasmodial activity and cytotoxicity of ethanol extract of Zea mays root
Objective: Zea mays root decoction that has been traditionally used for the treatment of malaria by various tribes in Nigeria, was evaluated for antimalarial potential against malaria parasites usingExpand
Antimalarial and analgesic activities of root extract of Panicum maximum
Background: Panicum maximum is used as malarial remedy traditionally and the leaf extract has been found to possess antimalarial, analgesic and anticancer properties. Objective: The ethanol rootExpand
Sero-prevalence of HIV-1 among commercial motorcyclist (okada riders) in Abuja.
Africa remains the global epicentre of the AIDS pandemic and many Africa countries are experiencing generalized epidemics. This means that HIV is spreading throughout the general population, ratherExpand