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On Sociocultural Discontinuity: Nationalism and Cultural Objectification in Quebec [and Comments and Reply]
M. Estellie Smith has recently attacked the concepts "tradition" and "change" as reifications which mislead us in our study of sociocultural process. She favors "sociocultural continuity" as anExpand
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The Jaguar and the Anteater: Pornography Degree Zero
Over the last two decades, pornography has become not only one of the most spectacularly profitable industries in the West but also, in its own way, the most innovative, with the development of moreExpand
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A Leap in the Dark : Aids, Art and Contemporary Cultures
Historians, anthropologists, artists, writers, art critics, and AIDS activists contribute 32 diverse texts to an anthology examining the ways in which AIDS information and related issues have beenExpand
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Identités et territoire : trois réflexions
Negligees par les perspectives structuralistes pendant les annees 70, les notions d'identite et d'appartenance reprennent depuis les annees 80 une place importante dans la litterature en sciencesExpand
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Symmetry and Entropy: Mathematical Metaphors in the Work of Levi-Strauss [and Comments and Reply]
Evaluation de l'apport de la theorie structuraliste de C. Levi-Strauss qui s'inscrit dans la preoccupation croissante pour les mathematiques, la physique et la biologie dans la premiere moitie duExpand
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Some Major Problems in the Social Anthropology of Hunter-Gatherers [and Comments and Reply]
What is the relationship between the present-day hunter-gatherer studied by anthropologists and the societies of the Palaeolithic? And how is the articulation between the economy of these societiesExpand
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La Societe Contre l'Etat
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