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Decomposition analysis for policymaking in energy:: which is the preferred method?
  • B. Ang
  • Computer Science, Economics
  • 1 June 2004
This paper attempts to address the above-mentioned issues and provide recommendations on the choice of decomposition methods in empirical studies. Expand
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The LMDI approach to decomposition analysis: a practical guide
In a recent study, Ang (Energy Policy 32 (2004)) compared various index decomposition analysis methods and concluded that the logarithmic mean Divisia index method is the preferred method. Since theExpand
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A survey of index decomposition analysis in energy and environmental studies
Index decomposition methodology was a technique first used in the late 1970s to study the impact of changes in product mix on industrial energy demand. Expand
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A survey of data envelopment analysis in energy and environmental studies
A literature survey on the application of data envelopment analysis (DEA) to E&E studies. Expand
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LMDI decomposition approach: A guide for implementation
  • B. Ang
  • Economics
  • 1 November 2015
Since it was first used by researchers to analyze industrial electricity consumption in the early 1980s, index decomposition analysis (IDA) has been widely adopted in energy and emission studies.Expand
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Monitoring changes in economy-wide energy efficiency: From energy-GDP ratio to composite efficiency index
  • B. Ang
  • Environmental Science
  • 1 March 2006
Since the 1973 world oil crisis, monitoring trends in energy efficiency at the economy-wide level has been an important component of energy strategy in many countries. To support this effort, variousExpand
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A new energy decomposition method: perfect in decomposition and consistent in aggregation
A new energy decomposition method, called the Log-Mean Divisia Index Method I (LMDI I), is presented. It has the desirable properties of perfect decomposition and consistency in aggregation. PerfectExpand
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Decomposition of aggregate energy and gas emission intensities for industry: a refined Divisia index method
Several methods for decomposing energy consumption or energy-induced gas emissions in industry have been proposed by various analysts . Two commonly encountered problems in the application of theseExpand
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Factorizing changes in energy and environmental indicators through decomposition
We introduce a decomposition method for factorizing changes in energy demand or gas emissions over time. This method has the advantage of giving perfect decomposition. It can also handle cases withExpand
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Decomposition methodology in industrial energy demand analysis
We discuss some methodological and application issues related to decomposing national industrial energy consumption into changes associated with aggregate industrial production level, productionExpand
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