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Preemption, precaution, preparedness: Anticipatory action and future geographies
The paper focuses on how futures are anticipated and acted on in relation to a set of events that are taken to threaten liberal democracies. Across different domains of life the future is now
On assemblages and geography
In this paper we explore what assemblage thinking offers social-spatial theory by asking what questions or problems assemblage responds to or opens up. Used variously as a concept, ethos and
Becoming and Being Hopeful: Towards a Theory of Affect
In this paper I describe how hope takes place, in order to outline an explicit theory of the more-than-rational or less-than rational in the context of the recent attunement to issues of the
Assemblage and geography
In this introduction to the special section on ‘Assemblage and geography’, we reflect on the different routes and uses through which ‘assemblage’ is being put to work in contemporary geographical
The promise of non-representational theories.
Emerging over the past ten years from a set of post-structuralist theoretical lineages, non-representational theories are having a major impact within Human Geography. Non-representational
Affect and biopower: towards a politics of life
In this paper I stage an encounter between two concepts that have become popular placeholders for a broad concern with a politics of life: affect and biopower. Through engagement with Antonio Negri’s
On Geography and Materiality
In the context of human geography's encounter with the problematics that surround matter and materiality, this paper offers a principle that works towards a distinctive material imagination. This
Affect and Security: Exercising Emergency in ‘UK Civil Contingencies’
In this paper we explore the relation between affect and security through a case study of one technique for making futures present and actionable: The use of exercises in UK emergency planning after
Affect and Emotion