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History of Malaysia
While several recent studies deal with the impact of colonial rule and Malaysia's spectacular economic transition, this book tracks developments from early times and identifies continuities as wellExpand
The Flaming Womb: Repositioning Women in Early Modern Southeast Asia
"The Princess of the Flaming Womb," the Javanese legend that introduces this pioneering study, symbolizes the many ambiguities attached to femaleness in Southeast Asian societies. Yet, despite theseExpand
To Live As Brothers: Southeast Sumatra in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries
Andaya (Asian studies, U. of Hawaii) examines how the arrival of the Dutch and English impacted the relationship between two kingdoms in Sumatra, the Jambi and the Palembang, who had a long historyExpand
Other pasts : women, gender and history in early modern Southeast Asia
The historical study of women and gender in Southeast Asia has received relatively little attention, despite the fact that "female autonomy" is often cited as a distinguishing feature of the region.Expand
The Cloth Trade in Jambi and Palembang Society during the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries
Anyone who has used Dutch East India Company (VOC) records2 will know that they are often stubbornly resistant to the historian's questions. The vast corpus of information they contain, however, hasExpand
Localising the Universal: Women, Motherhood and the Appeal of Early Theravāda Buddhism
  • B. Andaya
  • Sociology
  • Journal of Southeast Asian Studies
  • 1 February 2002
This essay suggests that one reason for the success of Theravāda Buddhism in early Southeast Asia was its appeal to women. The maternal metaphor, a prominent theme in Buddhist texts, was bothExpand
Seas, oceans and cosmologies in Southeast Asia
  • B. Andaya
  • History
  • Journal of Southeast Asian Studies
  • 6 September 2017
This article discusses the changing spirit world of maritime communities in Southeast Asia by differentiating ‘oceans’ from ‘seas’ and by linking historical evidence to modern anthropologicalExpand
Historicising “Modernity” in Southeast Asia
The term “modernity” implies Western influence and the weakening of beliefs and practices associated with traditional culture. Although it is increasingly used in reference to contemporary SoutheastExpand
Oceans Unbounded: Transversing Asia across “Area Studies”
Recent endorsements of maritime history as an integral part of world history should be central in any attempt to transverse the academic divides separating the study of “South”, “East” andExpand