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Effects of vasoactive agents on isolated human umbilical arteries and veins.
10 different vasoactive agents induce varying degrees of unequal contractile responses (serotonin = maximum) and circular smooth muscle appears to play a greater role than longitudinal smooth muscle in spontaneous mechanical activity of HUAV.
Composition of interstitial fluid.
The concentration of leukocytes and platelets decreased according to the hemodilution, implying no escape or mobilization of these elements, and the composition of added interstitial fluid was determined.
Intracellular and extracellular magnesium depletion in Type 2 (non-insulin-dependent) diabetes mellitus
It is suggested that magnesium deficiency, both extracellular and intracellular, is a characteristic of chronic stable mild Type 2 diabetes, and as such, may predispose to the excess cardiovascular morbidity of the diabetic state.
Magnesium deficiency and hypertension: correlation between magnesium-deficient diets and microcirculatory changes in situ.
Results suggest that rats maintained for 12 weeks on diets moderately or more severely deficient in magnesium showed significant elevations in arterial blood pressure compared to control animals, which may provide a rationale for the etiology, as well as treatment, of some forms of hypertensive vascular disease.
New perspectives on the role of magnesium in the pathophysiology of the cardiovascular system. I. Clinical aspects.
Clinical trials utilizing Mg as a therapeutic tool to treat refractory arrhythmias, digitalis toxicity-associated arrh rhythmias, myocardial infarctions, diabetic angiopathy, transient ischemic attacks, cerebral resuscitation, hypertension and 'classical' migraine are under way, and to an extent have been successful.
Mg2+-Ca2+ interaction in contractility of vascular smooth muscle: Mg2+ versus organic calcium channel blockers on myogenic tone and agonist-induced responsiveness of blood vessels.
Although Mg2+ is three to five orders of magnitude less potent than the organic Ca2+ channel blockers, it possesses unique and potentially useful Ca2- antagonistic properties.
Magnesium and vascular tone and reactivity.
It has been reported that the concentration of extracellular magnesium ions ([Mg++]o) can affect blood flow, blood pressure and vascular reactivity in intact mammals. The present
Magnesium and cardiovascular biology: an important link between cardiovascular risk factors and atherogenesis.
The data indicate that Mg deficiency caused either by poor diet and/or errors in Mg metabolism may be a missing link between diverse cardiovascular risk factors and atherosclerosis.
Magnesium deficiency produces spasms of coronary arteries: relationship to etiology of sudden death ischemic heart disease.
The hypothesis that magnesium deficiency, associated with sudden death ischemic heart disease, produces coronary arterial spasm is supported.