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Metal–insulator transition in a weakly interacting many-electron system with localized single-particle states
Abstract We consider low-temperature behavior of weakly interacting electrons in disordered conductors in the regime when all single-particle eigenstates are localized by the quenched disorder. WeExpand
Mesoscopic phenomena in solids
Preface. 1. Aharonov-Bohm effects in loops of gold (S. Washburn). 2. Mesoscopic fluctuations of current density in disordered conductors (B.Z. Spivak and A.Yu. Zyuzin). 3. Interference, fluctuationsExpand
The Focusing of Electron Flow and a Veselago Lens in Graphene p-n Junctions
The focusing of electric current by a single p-n junction in graphene is theoretically predicted and may be useful for the engineering of electronic lenses and focused beam splitters using gate-controlled n-p-n junctions in graphene-based transistors. Expand
Weak-localization magnetoresistance and valley symmetry in graphene.
This work evaluates the dependence of the magnetoresistance of graphene on relaxation rates associated with various possible ways of breaking a "hidden" valley symmetry of the system by evaluating the dependent rates of trigonal warping and intervalley scattering. Expand
Effects of electron-electron collisions with small energy transfers on quantum localisation
The effect of electron-electron collisions with small energy transfers on the quantum electron localisation has been studied. It is shown that in one and two dimensions such collisions determine theExpand
Anderson localization makes adiabatic quantum optimization fail
It turns out that due to a phenomenon similar to Anderson localization, exponentially small gaps appear close to the end of the adiabatic algorithm for large random instances of NP-complete problems, which implies that unfortunately, adiABatic quantum optimization fails: the system gets trapped in one of the numerous local minima. Expand
1 / f noise: Implications for solid-state quantum information
The efficiency of the future devices for quantum information processing will be limited mostly by the finite decoherence rates of the individual qubits and quantum gates. Recently, substantialExpand
Quasiparticle Lifetime in a Finite System: A Nonperturbative Approach
The problem of electron-electron lifetime in a quantum dot is studied beyond perturbation theory by mapping onto the problem of localization in the Fock space. Localized and delocalized regimes areExpand