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An arm exoskeleton system for teleoperation and virtual environments applications
The control of exploratory and manipulative procedures in teleoperation and virtual environments requires the availability of adequate advanced interfaces capable not only of recording the movements of the human hands and arms, but also of replicating sensations of contact and collisions. Expand
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Image-based robot task planning and control using a compact visual representation
We present an approach for the design and control of both reflexive and purposive visual tasks. Expand
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Cooperative localization of a team of AUVs by a tetrahedral configuration
This paper investigates the principles of a Cooperative Localization Algorithm for a team of at least three Autonomous Underwater Vehicles with respect to a surface support ship, without the use of Ultra-Short Baseline (USBL). Expand
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Experimental campaign on a servo-actuated pantograph
Many interesting technical problems arise from the development of high speed trains current collection is one of the more important. The dynamic behaviour of a pantograph-catenary system make theExpand
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Study on a mechatronic tool for drilling in the osteosynthesis of long bones: Tool/bone interaction, modeling and experiments
Among the few motorized procedures used in orthopaedic surgery, drilling is surely the most common. Current drilling tools do not include any means for the control of the penetration and onlyExpand
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Image-based visual servoing of nonholonomic mobile robots
In this paper, a novel image-based visual approach for the position control of a nonholonomic mobile robot is presented, which uses a discontinuous change of coordinates, ensures global stability of the closed-loop visual system. Expand
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Nonlinear controllability and stability analysis of adaptive image-based systems
In this paper, a novel adaptive visual feedback scheme is presented to solve the problem of controlling the relative pose between a robot camera and a rigid object of interest. Expand
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Wavelet-based control of penetration in a mechatronic drill for orthopaedic surgery
  • V. Colla, B. Allotta
  • Engineering, Computer Science
  • Proceedings. IEEE International Conference on…
  • 16 May 1998
We investigate the application of a wavelet-based controller to a mechatronic drill for orthopaedic surgery. Expand
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Development of an innovative wheel–rail contact model for the analysis of degraded adhesion in railway systems
Abstract A detailed description of adhesion is crucial in tribology, vehicle dynamics and railway systems, both theoretically and practically. However, an accurate adhesion model is quite hard toExpand
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Robotics for medical applications
The authors review the most important past and ongoing research projects in macro-robotics, micro-ro Botics and bio-rootics, three general areas of robotics which have the potential to provide significant improvements to the state of the art of medical technology. Expand
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