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Onset of dyskinesia with adjunct ropinirole prolonged‐release or additional levodopa in early Parkinson's disease
Levodopa‐induced dyskinesia can result in significant functional disability and reduced quality of life in patients with Parkinson's disease (PD). The goal of this study was to determine if theExpand
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Intravenous Zanamivir in Hospitalized Patients With Influenza
This open-label study of IV zanamivir (an NA inhibitor for treatment of severe influenza in hospitalized children) suggests a positive risk/benefit profile. BACKGROUND: Children with severe influenzaExpand
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Humanoid Robots: A New Kind of Tool
A project to develop humanoid robots that behave like and interact with humans. Expand
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A Comparison of Russian and British Attitudes towards Mental Health Problems in the Community
Aims & Result: This study examines the differences in attitudes towards mental health problems of Russian and British communities. A specially developed questionnaire containing four vignettesExpand
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Trends towards standard communications for metering
Communication is becoming an integral part of electric utility metering. Currently the communication method can vary from a mechanical register for local reading to a simple pulsed output forExpand
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Cognitive Errors in Greek Adolescents: The Linkages Between Negative Cognitive Errors and Anxious and Depressive Symptoms
The present cross-sectional study investigated the relationships between negative cognitive errors and self-reported symptoms of anxiety and depression in a community sample of Greek adolescents,Expand
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Learning Humanoid Arm Gestures
While biological motion control systems are generally simple and robust, their robotic analogs tend to be just the opposite. While function has driven many of the control architectures to date, weExpand
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Wounded : the legacy of war
In his new book, Wounded: The Legacy of War, Bryan Adams presents portraits of young British soldiers who have suffered life-changing injury in Iraq and Afghanistan or during training. His lens baresExpand
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