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Simple test for detection of virus neuraminidase and antineuraminidase using lectins (lectin-neuraminidase test system).
The fast and sensitive detection of virus neuraminidase effectiveness and of antibodies against virus neuramidase in human serum is described and lectin mainly obtained from Arachis hypogaea and Helix pomatia is used. Expand
[Epidemiology and diagnosis of RS-virus].
[Elimination of mycoplasma from cell cultures].
[Staining of tubercle bacilli with fluorescent dyes].
  • B. Adamczyk
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Zeitschrift fur Tuberkulose
  • 1956
Description of the Larva of Quaestus (Quaesticulus) Pachecoi (Bolivar, 1915) (Coleoptera: Leiodidae: Cholevinae)
Chaetotaxy, morphology and measurements indicate that the Q. (Q.) pachecoi has a classic type of development with two instars only and larvae belong to aclassic type according to the Deleurance-Glaçon classification. Expand
[ECHO virus 8(1) as cause of a group disease in a children's unit].
[Specificity and practical use of aimed neutralization test in the diagnosis of enterovirus diseases].
[Serodiagnosis of influenza-virus-A2 diseases using an immunofluorescence test].