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Conflict Amid Community: The Micropolitics of Teacher Collaboration.
A major reform surge that began in the mid-1980s has generated a renewed interest in fostering teacher community or collaboration as a means to counter isolation, improve teacher practice and studentExpand
Retaining Teachers of Color: A Pressing Problem and a Potential Strategy for “Hard-to-Staff” Schools
Given calls to diversify the teaching workforce, this review examines research on retention and turnover of teachers of color, focusing on new teachers because they leave at disproportionately highExpand
(In)Fidelity: What the Resistance of New Teachers Reveals about Professional Principles and Prescriptive Educational Policies
In this article, Betty Achinstein and Rodney Ogawa examine the experiences of two new teachers who resisted mandated "fidelity" to Open Court literacy instruction in California. These two case stud...
(Re)Framing Classroom Contexts: How New Teachers and Mentors View Diverse Learners and Challenges of Practice
Research on new teachers identifies two critical challenges in relation to how novices view their students: ‘‘practice shock’’ that results in an overfocus on controlling students and a culturalExpand
Cultural Match or Culturally Suspect: How New Teachers of Color Negotiate Sociocultural Challenges in the Classroom.
Background: The call to recruit and retain teachers of color in urban high-minority schools is based on an assumption of a cultural match with students. Yet new teachers of color may find themselvesExpand
Mentors in the Making: Developing New Leaders for New Teachers
Drawing on empirical research, practitioner action inquiry, and field-tested practices from induction programs, this book explores effective mentoring in diverse educational contexts.
New teacher and mentor political literacy: reading, navigating and transforming induction contexts
New teachers are unprepared for school politics and the conflicts they experience with administrators, colleagues and policies. Research and practice on mentorlog often ignore organizationalExpand
Change(d) Agents: New Teachers of Color in Urban Schools
This book examines both the promises and complexities of racially and culturally diversifying todays teaching profession. Drawing from a 5-year study of the lives of 21 new teachers of color workingExpand
New teachers of color and culturally responsive teaching in an era of educational accountability: Caught in a double bind
The purpose of this article is to examine how and to what extent schools’ responses to accountability policies in the United States influence the ability of new teachers of color to draw on their ownExpand
Community, Diversity, and Conflict Among Schoolteachers: the Ties that Blind (Advances in Contemporary Educational Thought Series)
Using richly textured case studies of two very different schools, Betty Achinstein shows when teachers enact reforms in the name of community, what often emerges is conflict. Whether dealing withExpand