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Framework Design Guidelines: Conventions, Idioms, and Patterns for Reusable .NET Libraries
The second edition of Framework Design Guidelines gives you new, important insight into designing your own class libraries for .NET, and Abrams and Cwalina frankly discuss the challenges of adding new features to shipping versions of their products with minimal impact on existing code. Expand
The Struggle for the Soul of the Nation: Czech Culture and the Rise of Communism
Chapter 1 Introduction: The Cold War and Contemporary Understandings of the Communist Takeover of Czechoslovakia Part 2 Part I: Czech Intellectuals Enter the Postwar World Chapter 3 World War II andExpand
Programming In The .NET Environment
Morality, Wisdom and Revision: the Czech Opposition of the 1970s and the Expulsion of the Sudeten Germans
The difference between a humane, civilized nation and a barbaric nation is not the difference between innocence and guilt, but how that nation deals with the shadowy and problematic sides of itsExpand
Visual Studio Tools for Office
The books in this series provide a core resource of information and understanding every developer needs in order to write effective applications and managed code. Expand
Who Lost Czechoslovakia ? : Reconsidering the Communist Takeover 50 Years Later
The Cold War is over, and it is a very good time to be a historian of East Central Europe. The fall of the communist dictatorships of the region has opened hitherto inaccessible archives andExpand