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A pragmatic account of the definiteness effect in existencial sentences
Abstract It is argued that the restriction on NPs in focus position in existential sentences is a result of the presentational function of such sentences, rather than a constraint to be stated inExpand
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Where have some of the presuppositions gone
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Definiteness and Existentials.
Prince 1992 reanalyzed the information status of NPs into two cross-cutting distinctions, one between NPs denoting entities that are new or old with respect to the discourse and another between NPsExpand
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Nonrestrictive Modifiers in Nonparenthetical Positions
The systematic but often subtle semantic differences between prenominal and postnominal adjectives first noted by Bolinger (1967) in many respects remain poorly understood. There remains a similarExpand
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Definiteness and Indefiniteness
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Presuppositions as nonassertions
Abstract It is commonly assumed that the assertion/presupposition distinction maps fairly directly onto the distinction between new and old information. This assumption is made doubtful byExpand
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Presuppositions and common ground
This paper presents problems for Stalnaker’s common ground theory of presupposition, which is based on a faulty theory of assertion. Expand
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Thek/ϕ alternation in Turkish: Some experimental evidence for its productivity
This article presents evidence that a relatively minor regularity in the morphophonemics of Turkish is psychologically real for speakers of that language. The experimental procedure used was toExpand
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Doing without a Partitive Constraint
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