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A Caudal Proliferating Growth Center Contributes to Both Poles of the Forming Heart Tube
Recent studies have shown that the primary heart tube continues to grow by addition of cells from the coelomic wall. This growth occurs concomitantly with embryonic folding and formation of theExpand
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Formation of the Building Plan of the Human Heart: Morphogenesis, Growth, and Differentiation
The intricate process of formation of the heart relies on the spatiotemporal regulation of differentiation and growth of its different parts. Errors in these processes can result in hypoplasia of theExpand
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Growth of the developing mouse heart: an interactive qualitative and quantitative 3D atlas.
Analysis of experiments aimed at understanding the genetic mechanisms of differentiation and growth of the heart, calls for detailed insights into cardiac growth and proliferation rate of myocytesExpand
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Measurement and 3D-Visualization of Cell-Cycle Length Using Double Labelling with Two Thymidine Analogues Applied in Early Heart Development
Organ development is a complex spatial process in which local differences in cell proliferation rate play a key role. Understanding this role requires the measurement of the length of the cell cycleExpand
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EMERGE: a flexible modelling framework to predict genomic regulatory elements from genomic signatures
Regulatory DNA elements, short genomic segments that regulate gene expression, have been implicated in developmental disorders and human disease. Despite this clinical urgency, only a small fractionExpand
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OccuPeak: ChIP-Seq Peak Calling Based on Internal Background Modelling
ChIP-seq has become a major tool for the genome-wide identification of transcription factor binding or histone modification sites. Most peak-calling algorithms require input control datasets to modelExpand
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Cardiomyocyte-Specific miRNA-30c Over-Expression Causes Dilated Cardiomyopathy
MicroRNAs (miRNAs) regulate many aspects of cellular function and their deregulation has been implicated in heart disease. MiRNA-30c is differentially expressed in the heart during the progressionExpand
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Image cytometry: protocols for 2D and 3D quantification in microscopic images.
Microscopy-based imaging is booming and the need for tools to retrieve quantitative data from images is urgent. This book provides simple but reliable tools to generate valid quantitative geneExpand
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More than a decade of developmental gene expression atlases: where are we now?
To unravel regulatory networks of genes functioning during embryonic development, information on in situ gene expression is required. Enormous amounts of such data are available in literature, whereExpand
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Integrating multi‐scale knowledge on cardiac development into a computational model of ventricular trabeculation
Insights into the mechanisms of development of the mammalian four‐chambered heart are based on biological observations at organ, tissue, cell, and molecular levels, but the full integration of theseExpand
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