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Leukotrienes do not regulate interleukin 1 production by activated macrophages.
The objective of this work was to investigate the role of leukotrienes in the production of IL-1 by activated human peripheral blood monocytes and mouse peritoneal macrophages. Using overnightExpand
A new class of sugar analogues for use in the investigation of sugar transport.
D-Mannose derivatives have been synthesised which are crosslinked through their C-4 hydroxyls to propyl-2-amine. Coupling to the amino group gave a fluorodinitrobenzene derivative, a nitroazidophenylExpand
Exofacial photoaffinity labelling of the human erythrocyte sugar transporter.
The 4-azidosalicylate derivative of 1,3-bis(D-mannos-4'-yloxy)-2-[2-3H]propylamine (ASA-[2-3H]BMPA) has been tested as a photoaffinity label for the sugar transporter in human erythrocytes. WhenExpand
Identification of Rat Erythrocyte Antigens with a New Non‐Radioactive Immunoprecipitation Technique
In order to examine how rat erythrocytes stimulate eryihrroyte autoantibody production at the molceular level. we have identified rat erythrocyte antigens by immunoprecipition and western blottingExpand
Transport properties of photolabile sugar analogues
Abstract The transport properties of photolabile substituted sugars have been determined in human erythrocytes. Half-saturation constants ( K i values ) for these compounds have been estimated byExpand
Interaction of hydrophobic bis (D-mannose) derivatives with adipocyte and erythrocyte sugar transport systems.
The inhibition of sugar uptake by a series of hydrophobic bis(D-mannose) derivatives has been measured in rat adipocytes. When the D-mannose moieties of the bis compounds are separated by a hexaneExpand
In vitro priming of human lymphocytes to heterologous insulins.
We have developed an in vitro priming assay in which peripheral blood lymphocytes from normal subjects are primed with insulin for 14 days prior to challenge with insulin in conjunction withExpand