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Nitrogen cycling in sediments with different oraanic loadina
Sediment cores from an intertidal marine area were experimentally loaded with different amounts of organic material, in order to investigate regulation of the processes in the nitrogen cycle, and theExpand
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Budgets of sediment nitrogen and carbon cycling in the shallow water of Knebel Vig, Denmark
Sediment was sampled from a shallow coastal area (Knebel Vig. Denmark). The vertical distribution of pigments, Pb-210 and CS-137 indicated that organic matter was muted into the sediment. On an areaExpand
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Accumulation of prokaryotic remains during organic matter diagenesis in surface sediments off Peru
Bacterial biomarkers (D-amino acids and muramic acid) were investigated in surface sediments (0–1 cm) at 22 stations in the Peru margin. Concentrations were used to quantitatively estimate theExpand
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Bacterial influence on amino acid enantiomerization in a coastal marine sediment
The contribution of Dߚisomers of aspartate (Asp), glutamate (Glu), alanine (Ala), and serine (Ser) to the total concentrations of dissolved free amino acids (DFAA), dissolved combined amino acidsExpand
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Endospore abundance and d:l-amino acid modeling of bacterial turnover in holocene marine sediment (Aarhus Bay)
Abstract In order to study bacterial activity, and turnover times of bacterial necromass and biomass in marine sediment, two stations from the Aarhus Bay, Denmark were analyzed. Sediment cores wereExpand
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How depositional conditions control input, composition, and degradation of organic matter in sediments from the Chilean coastal upwelling region
Abstract In a comprehensive study, we compared depositional conditions, organic matter (OM) composition, and organic carbon turnover in sediments from two different depositional systems along theExpand
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Identity, Abundance, and Reactivation Kinetics of Thermophilic Fermentative Endospores in Cold Marine Sediment and Seawater
Cold marine sediments harbor endospores of fermentative and sulfate-reducing, thermophilic bacteria. These dormant populations of endospores are believed to accumulate in the seabed via passiveExpand
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Seasonal variation in net benthic C-mineralization in a shallow estuary
Abstract Seasonal changes in net benthic C-mineralization were measured as sediment O2 uptake, as well as ΣCO2 flux from the sediment to the water column. Oxygen uptake varied between 26 and 181 mmolExpand
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Photosynthesis, respiration, and nitrogen uptake by different compartments of a Zostera marina community
Abstract Gross and net photosynthesis, respiration, and net uptake of dissolved inorganic and organic nitrogen were studied in two seasons in different compartments of an eelgrass (Zostera marina)Expand
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Utilization of marine sedimentary dissolved organic nitrogen by native anaerobic bacteria
Bioavailability and chemical composition of dissolved organic nitrogen (DON) in marine pore water were followed and related to bacterial activity in a 14-d anoxic decomposition experiment. For theExpand
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