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Nitration of Chlorobenzene with Nitric Acid in a Continuous Installation
The procedures of production of mononitrochlorobenzene by nitration with 75-97% nitric acid with the yield of the target product of 97.5% were developed. A procedure of precipitation of crystalline
Systems containing concentrated hydrogen peroxide Communication 3. Solubility isotherms for the ternary system: CO(NH2)3-H3O2-H2O2
1. A study of the interaction of aqueous solution of calcium hydroxide with hydrogen peroxide over a wide range of concentrations, carried out by the solubility method applied to the ternary
[Coupled function of the cerebral hemispheres in man].
  • B. A. Lebedev
  • Psychology
    Zhurnal vysshei nervnoi deiatelnosti imeni I P…
  • 1954
A Calorimetric Study of the Kinetics of Chlorobenzene Mononitration with Nitric Acid
The calorimetric method was applied to study the kinetics of chlorobenzene mononitration with 74.9 and 95.8% nitric acid and a kinetic model of the process was developed. A comparison of the