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Studies on the photoreceptors of Anchoa mitchilli and A. hepsetus (Engraulidae) with particular reference to the cones
Photoreceptors of anchovies Anchoa mitchilli and A. hepsetus consist of normal rods and two unusual kinds of cones. The latter lie in single vertical rows, and the rods lie between them. BothExpand
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Structural aspects of Ascochyta blight of lentil
Ascochyta fabae Speg. f.sp. lentis (Gossen et al. 1986) causes lesions on the leaf, stem, and pod of lentil (Lens culinaris Medik.), thereby reducing seed quality and yield. Lesion formation wasExpand
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Organization of quadrifid and bifid hairs in the trap ofUtricularia monanthos
SummaryThe ultrastructure of quadrifid and bifid hairs which line the inside of the trap in the bladderwortUtricularia monanthos are described. Both types of hair consist of a pedestal cell restingExpand
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ABSTRACT The structure and function of glandular trichomes associated with the trap of the bladderwort Utricularia are reviewed. This is based on knowledge gained with the light microscope by earlyExpand
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The apoplastic continuum, nutrient absorption and plasmatubules in the dwarf mistletoeKorthalsella lindsayi (Viscaceae)
SummaryThe transfer of nutrients between host and parasite in mistletoes has generally been considered to occur via the xylem to xylem contacts at the host-parasite interface in the haustorial organExpand
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Organization of mature external glands on the trap and other organs of the bladderwortUtricularia monanthos
SummaryThe mature dome-shaped glands which cover the outer surfaces of the trap, leaves, anchor and runner stolons inU. monanthos are described using conventional and some high voltage transmissionExpand
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An impregnated suberized wall layer in laticifers of theConvolvulaceae, and its resemblance to that in walls of oil cells
SummaryThe cell wall in laticifers of theConvolvulaceae, Calystegia silvatica, C. soldanella, C. tuguriorum, Convolvulus cneorum, C. verecundus, C. sabaticus subsp.mauritanicus, andIpomoea indica,Expand
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Teliospore wall structure in Entorrhiza (Tilletiaceae) and its relationship to taxonomy of the genus
Spore wall organization in the five species of Entorrhiza (Ustilaginales) has been investigated using thin sections for transmission electron microscopy, supported by light and scanning electronExpand
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