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Increased childhood abuse in patients with premenstrual dysphoric disorder in a Turkish sample: a cross-sectional study.
This cross-sectional study is the first to investigate associations between PMDD and childhood abuse from Turkey and concludes that more comprehensive studies on this topic with larger sample sizes are required to enrich the literature and enable practitioners to be more effective in clinical practice. Expand
Smooth Muscle Cells Contribute the Majority of Foam Cells in ApoE (Apolipoprotein E)-Deficient Mouse Atherosclerosis
Evidence is presented that SMCs contribute the majority of atheroma foam cells in ApoE−/− mice fed a Western diet and a chow diet for longer periods, and reduced expression of ABCA1 suggests a common mechanism for formation of SMC foam cells across species. Expand
The role of culture and self-construal in autobiographical memories of US and Turkish college students
This study examined memory variables both cross-culturally and across four cultural self-construal types and found primary differences were between students high in both relatedness and individuation and those low in both. Expand
The effect of music therapy during shockwave lithotripsy on patient relaxation, anxiety, and pain perception
Music lowered the anxiety and pain scores of patients during SWL and provided greater satisfaction with treatment and completing this procedure while the patient listens to music increases patient compliance greatly and reduces analgesic requirements. Expand
Increased serum G72 protein levels in patients with schizophrenia: a potential candidate biomarker
It is suggested that serum G72 protein levels may represent a candidate biomarker for schizophrenia and have confirmed the results of the previous preliminary study. Expand
Clozapine and aripiprazole-induced stuttering: a case report of turner syndrome with schizophrenia -
ABSTRACTTurner Syndrome (TS) is the most common chromosomal anomaly in women. Its psychiatric manifestations have not been clearly defined. Occurrence of schizophrenia is higher in patients with TSExpand
Determining the factors influencing the intimate relationship between sexual satisfaction and dyadic adjustment in postmenopausal women
Although sexual satisfaction and marital adjustment levels are decreased in the postmenopausal period, these two parameters do not seem to be related to each other. Expand
Whole blood vs PBMC: compartmental differences in gene expression profiling exemplified in asthma
Whole blood RNA preserved in PAXgene tubes is excellent for producing gene expression data with minimal variability and good sensitivity, suggesting its utility in multi-centre studies requiring measurement of blood gene expression. Expand
siRNA therapy in cutaneous T-cell lymphoma cells using polymeric carriers.
The results of this study identified promising polymeric carriers and molecular targets that could control proliferation of CTCL cells based on RNAi therapy. Expand
Alterations in sexual functions during and after pregnancy: Prejudice? Or Real?
Sexual function in women is a complex and dynamic interaction of multiple variables including physical, emotinal, social, and physiological states. Moreover, sexual function is a key part of eachExpand