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Explicit functional determinants in four dimensions
4 2 2 ABSTRACT. Working on the four-sphere S , a flat four-torus, S x S2, or a compact hyperbolic space, with a metric which is an arbitrary positive function times the standard one, we give explicitExpand
Segal-Bargmann transforms associated with finite Coxeter groups
  • Salem Ben Said, B. Ørsted
  • Mathematics
  • 1 February 2006
Using a polarization of a suitable restriction map, and heat-kernel analysis, we construct a generalized Segal-Bargmann transform associated with every finite Coxeter group G on ℝN. We find theExpand
The Howe Duality for the Dunkl Version of the Dirac Operator
Abstract.The classical Fischer decomposition of polynomials on Euclidean space makes it possible to express any polynomial as a sum of harmonic polynomials multiplied by powers of |x|2. A deformationExpand
Conformal indices of riemannian manifolds
Soit P un operateur differentiel formellement auto-adjoint, conformement covariant sur des champs tensoriels, defini pour des varietes de Riemann (M, g), et on suppose que le symbole principal de PExpand
Let D be a Hermitian symmetric space of the non-compact type, ! its Kaehler form. Fora geodesic triangle in D, we compute explicitly the integral R � !, generalizing previous results (see (D-T)). AsExpand
Spectrum Generating Operators and Intertwining Operators for Representations Induced from a Maximal Parabolic Subgroup
Abstract We present a new method of calculating intertwining operators between principal series representations of semisimple Lie groups G . Working in the compact realization we find the eigenvaluesExpand
The Maslov index revisited
LetD be a Hermitian symmetric space of tube type,S its Shilov boundary andG the neutral component of the group of bi-holomorphic diffeomorphisms ofD. In the model situationD is the Siegel disc,S isExpand
Restriction of square integrable representations: Discrete spectrum
In this note, whenever we restrict a square integrable representation of a connected semisimple Lie group to a reductive subgroup, we obtain information about the discrete spectrum.
Estimates for the Restriction of Automorphic Forms on Hyperbolic Manifolds to Compact Geodesic Cycles
We find estimates for the restriction of automorphic forms on hyperbolic manifolds to compact geodesic cycles. The geodesic cycles we study are themselves hyperbolic manifolds of lower dimension. TheExpand