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Immunoglobulins, growth factors and growth hormone in bovine colostrum and the effects of processing
In colostrum collected 0-80 h postpartum the contents of immunoglobulins (Igs), transforming growth factor beta-2 (TGF-beta2), insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) and growth hormone (GH) wereExpand
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Antioxidative factors in milk.
Lipid auto-oxidation in milk is affected by a complex interplay of pro- and antioxidants. Several of these compounds are also important nutrients in the human diet and may have other physiologicalExpand
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Exposure to dioxins and dibenzofurans through the consumption of fish.
BACKGROUND In some regions, including the Baltic Sea, fatty fish such as salmon and herring contain high levels of polychlorinated dibenzodioxins and dibenzofurans. We investigated human exposure toExpand
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Effect of six months of fish oil supplementation in stable rheumatoid arthritis. A double-blind, controlled study.
Therapeutic effects of fish oil (10 g/day) in rheumatoid arthritis were investigated in a randomized, controlled, double-blind study. Forty-three patients completing the study were evaluated at 0, 3Expand
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Effects of an isocaloric healthy Nordic diet on insulin sensitivity, lipid profile and inflammation markers in metabolic syndrome – a randomized study (SYSDIET)
Different healthy food patterns may modify cardiometabolic risk. We investigated the effects of an isocaloric healthy Nordic diet on insulin sensitivity, lipid profile, blood pressure andExpand
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Antioxidant capacity of bovine milk as assayed by spectrophotometric and amperometric methods
The total antioxidant capacity (TAC) of bovine milk, whey, and low-molecular-weight (LMW) fractions of whey was investigated using spectrophotometric methods including an ABTS-based method (reductionExpand
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Fatigue Life of Riveted Railway Bridges
This dissertation, which focuses on the fatigue life of riveted steel railway bridges, is based on: - A series of full-scale fatigue tests of nine riveted stringers taken from a railway bridge builtExpand
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Trace element status in healthy subjects switching from a mixed to a lactovegetarian diet for 12 mo.
The consequences of a change from a mixed to a lactovegetarian diet for 12 mo on trace element concentrations in plasma, hair, urine, and feces were studied in 16 women and 4 men. After the dietExpand
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Dietary assessment methods evaluated in the Malmö food study
Abstract. A study to evaluate the relative validity of two dietary assessment methods, to be used in a prospective cohort study on diet and cancer, was conducted in a random sample of the MalmöExpand
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Understanding bridge collapses
The increase of knowledge and experience in the structural engineering discipline over the years is clearly evident. However, every modern engineer will admit that both buckling and fatigue are veryExpand
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