B von der Stein

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A 82-year old woman had, since the age of 50, a history of 9 phases of monopolar endogenous depression with abnormal intestinal sensations and hypochondriac delusions that appeared as delusional parasitosis in 5 of these phases. Differential diagnosis and therapeutic aspects are discussed.
A 37-year old female with borderline personality disorder, who had experienced the cumulative trauma of a history of sadistic child abuse by her mother, developed the symptomatology of chronic factitious illness after an operation necessitated by an accident injury. Relationships between chronic factitious disease and obsession, addiction, perversion and(More)
Hemangiopericytomas (HP) have a characteristic vascular structure in histologic sections but this has not yet been visualized in three-dimensional form. Parts of typical vascular patterns were separated from paraffin blocks, re-embedded and cut in series. Three-dimensional images were created using the graphic reconstruction procedure of Staubesandt and(More)
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