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The quenching of the triplet state of Zn-cytochrome c in electrostatic complexes with cytochrome oxidase and its soluble CuA domain has been studied by laser flash photolysis. The triplet state of free Zn-cytochrome c decayed with a rate of about 200 s-1. With the oxidase, biphasic decay with rate constants of 2 x 10(5) and 2 x 10(3) s-1, respectively, was(More)
The fluorophores 1,5-I-AEDANS and eosin maleimide bind to subunit III of bovine cytochrome c oxidase. Fluorescence lifetime measurements have been made of bound AEDANS under a number of conditions. It appears that the spatial relationship between this bound probe and metal centers is unaffected by the redox changes in the enzyme. Cyanide binding to(More)
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