B. de Vries

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The ongoing trend of ECG monitoring techniques to become more ambulatory and less obtrusive generally comes at the expense of decreased signal quality. To enhance this quality, consecutive ECG complexes can be averaged triggered on the heartbeat, exploiting the quasi-periodicity of the ECG. However, this averaging constitutes a tradeoff between improvement(More)
Over the last decade the level of interest in the field of Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) has grown enormously to support various collaborative activities. Basically they all support argumentation in one or the other way. While many environments do support the process of bringing people into collaboration, the participants often fail to(More)
  • P.W. Crous, M.J. Wingfield, R.K. Schumacher, B.A. Summerell, A. Giraldo, J. Gené +94 others
  • 2014
Novel species of fungi described in the present study include the following from South Africa: Alanphillipsia aloeicola from Aloe sp., Arxiella dolichandrae from Dolichandra unguiscati, Ganoderma austroafricanum from Jacaranda mimosifolia, Phacidiella podocarpi and Phaeosphaeria podocarpi from Podocarpus latifolius, Phyllosticta mimusopisicola from Mimusops(More)
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