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Biological fixation of cementless femoral implants requires primary stability by optimal fit in the proximal femur. The anatomy of the bone must then be known precisely. We analysed in vitro the accuracy of bone measurements of 32 femurs and compared the dimensions obtained from radiographs and CT scans with the true anatomical dimensions. Standard(More)
In the field of uncemented hip arthroplasties, secondary biologic fixation of femoral implants depends directly on the quality of the primary stability. Metaphyseal filling and a good fit between the implant and the proximal femur improve initial stabilization and optimize the transmission of forces to the bone. Precise knowledge of the three-dimensional(More)
The cost of hospital treatment of cervical and intertrochanteric fractures of femur is studied in 218 patients aged 70 and over, treated during 1985 in a specialized university department. Real costs show little difference from contractual prices as established by the hospital administration. They depend mainly on the length of hospital stay (a function of(More)
  • B de Roguin
  • Revue de chirurgie orthopédique et réparatrice…
  • 1992
Rupture of pectoralis major tendon is a rare lesion, often undiagnosed. We present 2 cases of complete rupture and one case of partial rupture. The 2 complete ruptures were treated surgically with, at follow up, a normally strong, painless shoulder and improved esthetics. The partial rupture remained nearly asymptomatic after conservative treatment. We(More)
40 children and adolescents, recurrence of a spondylolisthesis after posterior or even postero-lateral fusion is a well known fact. Anterior fusion added to the posterior graft is said to prevent such and occurrence. We report a case of a L4/L5 listhesis which followed near complete reduction of a 70% L5/S1 slip fixed by a combined approach. We think this(More)
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