B. Zink

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Petascale computing will allow astrophysicists to investigate astrophysical objects, systems, and events that cannot be studied by current observational means and that were previously excluded from computational study by sheer lack of CPU power and appropriate codes. Here we present a pragmatic case study, focussing on the simulation of gamma-ray bursts as(More)
  • Rubina Sultan, A D Avery, G Stiehl, B L Zink
  • 2009
We present thermal conductivity measurements of micromachined 500 nm thick silicon-nitride ͑Si–N͒ beams suspended between two Si–N islands, in the temperature range from 77 to 325 K. The measured thermal conductivity, k, of Si–N at high temperatures is in good agreement with previously measured values for Si–N grown by low-pressure chemical vapor(More)
We report the thermal conductivity and specific heat of amorphous silicon thin films measured from 5-300 K using silicon-nitride membrane-based microcalorimeters. Above 50 K the thermal conductivity of thin-film amorphous silicon agrees with values previously reported by other authors. However, our data show no plateau, with a low T suppression of the(More)
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