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A novel object descriptor, histogram of Gabor phase pattern (HGPP), is proposed for robust face recognition. In HGPP, the quadrant-bit codes are first extracted from faces based on the Gabor transformation. Global Gabor phase pattern (GGPP) and local Gabor phase pattern (LGPP) are then proposed to encode the phase variations. GGPP captures the variations(More)
Self-recalibration of the relative pose in a vision system plays a very important role in many applications and much research has been conducted on this issue over the years. However, most existing methods require information of some points in general three-dimensional positions for the calibration, which is hard to be met in many practical applications. In(More)
We have developed a methodology for allocating operating room capacity to specialties. Our methodology consists of a finite-horizon mixed integer programming (MIP) model which determines a weekly operating room (OR) allocation template that minimizes inpatients' cost measured as their length of stay. A number of patient type priority (e.g., emergency over(More)
Chronic pain is a global public health problem, but the underlying molecular mechanisms are not fully understood. Here we examine genome-wide DNA methylation, first in 50 identical twins discordant for heat pain sensitivity and then in 50 further unrelated individuals. Whole-blood DNA methylation was characterized at 5.2 million loci by MeDIP sequencing and(More)
Autoimmune diseases are complex disorders of unknown etiology thought to result from interactions between genetic and environmental factors. We aimed to verify whether environmental pollution from diesel engine exhaust nanoparticulate (DEP) of actually operating vehicles could play a role in the development of a rare immune-mediated disease, systemic(More)