B Z Harness

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A series of cognitive, memory and performance tests were administered to populations of control subjects, brain damaged patients and psychiatric cases. While the overall level of recognition, identification and memory was more impaired in brain damaged than in psychiatric patients, response latencies were found to be of higher significance in the(More)
An adult patient with literal alexia, agraphia, slight anomia, and dyscalculia due to a left hemisphere infarct showed lack of sequential skills while pattern recognition remained intact. Some words were recognized as patterns, but could not be read phonetically. Therapy concentrated on forming an association of the visual pattern of the complete word with(More)
Cognition and performance of patients with localized and diffuse brain damage was evaluated through the application of objective perceptual testing. A series of visual perceptual and verbal tests, memory tests, as well as reaction time tasks were administered to the patients by logic programming equipment. In order to avoid a bias due to communicative(More)
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