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In music, multiple pitches often occur simultaneously, an essential feature of harmony. In the present study, the authors assessed the ability of cochlear implant (CI) users to perceive polyphonic pitch. Acoustically presented stimuli consisted of one, two, or three superposed tones with different fundamental frequencies (f(0)). The normal hearing control(More)
Telomeres and the protein/RNA complexes involved in maintaining them are rapidly evolving systems across eukaryotes. Using two Saccharomyces species, among S. cerevisiae and S. bayanus, we provide evidence that the telomere systems of these two closely related yeasts have evolved significantly apart and that the gene in one species cannot maintain the(More)
In this paper we investigate and compare the properties of the semigroup generated by A, and the sequence A n d , n ∈ N, where A d = (I + A)(I − A) −1. We show that if A and A −1 generate a uniformly bounded, strongly continuous semi-group on a Hilbert space, then A d is power bounded. For analytic semigroups we can prove stronger results. If A is the(More)
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