B. Z. Chikunova

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AIM To estimate the incidence of secondary lactase deficiency (SLD) in patients with postinfectious irritable bowel syndrome (PIBS) and the value of the small bowel microflora in its development and to elaborate treatment options for SLD. SUBJECTS AND METHODS One hundred and thirty-eight patients with PIBS, including 112 (81.2%) women and 26 (18.8%) men,(More)
High concentration of Ab Gl, Ab tTG, Ab Em and Ab Rt and increased amount of immunocompetent cells in the SIM in coeliac disease is an index of the developing specific immune response to gliadin and tissue antigens. High specificity and sensitivity of Ab tTG and Ab Em were determined in celiac disease.
The protective effect of natural dipeptide carnosine on gastric and duodenal mucosal lesions induced by acetic acid application was studied on rats. An increase in total area of the erosions on the stomach and duodenum was significantly inhibited by oral and intraperitoneal administration of carnosine. In addition, carnosine normalized the level of amino(More)
UNLABELLED Violation of reproductive function in patients with celiac disease can manifest as delayed puberty, infertility, amenorrhea, premature menopause, spontaneous abortion, low birth weight. The aim of the study was to establish the frequency and nature of reproductive function violation in patients with CD in the Russian Federation. MATERIALS AND(More)
There is literature review of the acute and chronic pancreatitis experimental models. Patogenetic necrosis mechanisms with fibrosis progress in pancreas were revealed. The stimulation of the proteolytic enzymes synthesis and secretion, that was examined in experiments were compared with clinical examinations. The patients with chronic pancreatitis were(More)
The article presents a study of clinical variants of ischemic lesions of the large intestine (ILLI) in patients with the chronic abdominal ischemia (CAI) syndrome. There was an examination of 42 patients with putative ILLI, who had a cardiovascular pathology at the background, which led to significant hemodynamic disorders of the blood flow in unpaired(More)