B. Y. Datsko

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The linear stage of stability is studied for a two-component fractional reaction-diffusion system. It is shown that, with a certain value of the fractional derivative index, a different type of instability occurs. The linear stability analysis shows that the system becomes unstable toward perturbations of finite wave number. As a result, inhomogeneous(More)
The linear stability analysis is studied for a two-component fractional reactiondiffusion system with different derivative indices. Two different cases are considered when an activator index is larger than an inhibitor one and when an inhibitor variable index is larger than an activator one. General analysis is confirmed by computer simulation of the system(More)
We analyze the effect of blood flow through large arteries of peripheral circulation on heat transfer in living tissue. Blood flow in such arteries gives rise to fast heat propagation over large scales, which is described in terms of heat superdiffusion. The corresponding bioheat heat equation is derived. In particular, we show that under local strong(More)
The fractional reaction-diffusion system is investigated. The linear stage of the stability is studied for a two-component system with a different order of fractional derivatives for activator and inhibitor. Three different cases are considered: the derivative order for an activator is greater than that for an inhibitor, the inhibitor order derivative is(More)