B. Xie

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Analysis of vibrational motions and thermal fluctuational dynamics is a widely used approach for studying structural, dynamic and functional properties of proteins and nucleic acids. Development of a freely accessible web server for computation of vibrational and thermal fluctuational dynamics of biomolecules is thus useful for facilitating the relevant(More)
UNLABELLED Disease processes often involve crosstalks between proteins in different pathways. Different proteins have been used as separate therapeutic targets for the same disease. Synergetic targeting of multiple targets has been explored in combination therapy of a number of diseases. Potential harmful interactions of multiple targeting have also been(More)
Analysis of the energetics of small molecule ligand-protein, ligand-nucleic acid, and protein-nucleic acid interactions facilitates the quantitative understanding of molecular interactions that regulate the function and conformation of proteins. It has also been extensively used for ranking potential new ligands in virtual drug screening. We developed a(More)
AbstrAct Web services retrieval is a critical step for reusing existing services in the SOA paradigm. In the UDDI registry, traditional category-based approaches have been used to locate candidate services. However, these approaches usually achieve relatively low precision because some candidate Web Services in the result set cannot provide actually(More)
Prediction and elucidation of pharmacogenetic effects is important for facilitating the development of personalized medicines. Knowledge of polymorphism-induced and other types of drug-response variations is needed for facilitating such studies. Although databases of pharmacogenetic knowledge, polymorphism and toxicogenomic information have appeared, some(More)
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