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Neural networks are the topic of this paper. Neural networks are very powerful as nonlinear signal processors, but obtained results are often far from satisfactory. The purpose of this article is to evaluate the reasons for these frustrations and show how to make these neural networks successful. The following are the main challenges of neural network(More)
Although neural networks have been around for over 20 years, we still have difficulties training them. Training is often difficult and time consuming. The paper describes a software (NNT) developed for neural network training. In addition to the traditional Error Back Propagation (EBP) algorithm, several second order algorithms were implemented. These(More)
The paper describes a neural network implementation on a low end and inexpensive microcontroller. It also describes the method of using a simple hardware multiplier to generate multibyte accurate results. An activation function that is equivalent to tangent hyperbolic is also described. An example is shown using an inexpensive eight bit microcontroller is(More)
Operation of a diffused-gate, lateral punch through transistor has been demonstrated. Operation is similar to the static induction transistor, and the device can be used in planar integrated circuits. Current flow in this lateral device obeys the space charge limited conduction law over a wide range of currents, and the drain current exhibits a negative(More)
The paper shows that it fully connected neural networks are used then the same problem can be solved with less number of neurons and weights. Interestingly such networks are trained faster. The problem is that most of the neural networks terming algorithms are not suitable for such network. Presented algorithm and software allow training feedforwad neural(More)
The paper presents a review of electronic noses with emphasis of the usage of live olfactory receptor neurons as detectors interfaced with electronics. The paper focuses on the pattern recognition issue using artificial neural networks. The proposed architecture seems to be very simple and powerful at the same time. The architecture was verified in(More)
  • B. Wilamowski
  • 2007 11th International Conference on Intelligent…
  • 2007
Nonlinear processes are difficult to control because there can be so many variations of the nonlinear behavior. The issue becomes more complicated if a nonlinear characteristic of the system changes with time and there is a need for an adaptive change of the nonlinear behavior. These adaptive systems are best handled with methods of computational(More)
The paper describes an optimization method which combines advantages of both evolutionary computation and gradient based methods. The proposed method follows the general concept of evolutionary computation, but uses an approximated gradient for generating subsequent populations. The gradient is not explicitly computed, but is instead estimated using minimum(More)
Data mining from the Web is the process of extracting essential data from any web server. In this paper, we present a method called Ethernet Robot to extract information/data from a web server using perl scripting language and to process the data using regular expressions. The procedure involves fetching, filtering, processing and presentation of required(More)
  • B. Wilamowski
  • Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference…
  • 2004
Digital implementations of neurocomputers are presently quite expensive, they require excessive power, they suffer from a number of issues that cause performance characteristics to differ from the theoretical model of the system, and they are relatively intolerant of fault conditions. The inherent advantages of the massively parallel structure of these(More)