B. Weingart

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In 43 imprisoned women in Berlin, the authors investigated the situation in which imprisoned women find themselves when they are pregnant, with particular reference to pregnancy, delivery and puerperium. A control group of 172 women was examined parallel to this study. It was evident that the imprisoned women had significantly more complications with regard(More)
Nine pregnant women with the AIDS problem were under treatment and care at the Department of Gynaecology of the University of Berlin at Charlottenburg during 1985. Of these, seven had HTLV-III antibodies only, whereas one woman showed additional clinical signs such as lymphoadenopathy and opportunistic infections; another woman developed exanthemas during(More)
auch ein FHC zeigten. Die Inzidenz stieg auf 33% bei denjenigen Patientinnen, die nur Adhfisionen im Bereich des kleinen Beckens aufwiesen und keine weiteren pathologischen Verfinderungen im Bereich der Tuben hatten. 3 Patientinnen hatten einen proximalen TubenverschluB. Pathogenetisch verursacht demnach die transtubare Chlamydieninfektion zunfichst eine(More)
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