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In the sub-130nm technology regime, Design for Manufacturing (DFM) has become critically important in driving rapid market introduction of new products while achieving acceptable yield levels. As the industry aggressively scales beyond the 90nm technology generation, fabrication tools and processes are pushed to their manufacturing limits, resulting in a(More)
  • Christiane L. Schnabel, P. Steinig, M. Koy, H.-J. Schuberth, C. Juhls, D. Oswald +9 others
  • 2015
BACKGROUND Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) vaccines are used for experimental immunotherapy of equine melanoma. The injection of complexed linear DNA encoding interleukin (IL)-12/IL-18 induced partial tumour remission in a clinical study including 27 grey horses. To date, the detailed mechanism of the anti-tumour effect of this treatment is unknown. RESULTS(More)
INTRODUCTION Many patients undergoing bariatric surgery report current or past psychiatric disorders and controversy exists regarding their outcome after bariatric surgery. PRESENTATION OF CASE We present a case of an obese patient with a borderline personality disorder, a recurrent depressive disorder, post-traumatic stress symptoms and binge eating(More)
Corning archeological reference glasses A, B, C, and D have been made to simulate different historic technologies of glass production and are used as standards in historic glass investigations. In this work, nanoseconds (193, 266 nm) and femtosecond (800 nm) laser ablation were used to study the elemental composition of Corning glasses using laser ablation(More)
  • nald Wilders, Arie O. Verkerk, E. Etienne Verheijck, Antoni C.G. van Ginneken, Rajiv Kumar, B. Wagner +4 others
  • 2001
– In the early nineties, Joyner and coworkers introduced the " coupling clamp " technique in which an isolated cardiac cell can be electrically coupled to either another isolated cardiac cell or to an analog model cell (RC circuit). In brief, an amplifier system does a continuous analog computation of the current that would be flowing between the two cells(More)
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