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The Ca L3,2-edge XANES spectra of six calcium salts have been measured in both total electron and fluorescence yields using a high-resolution spherical grating monochromator. The compounds investigated were; CaF2, CaCO3, CaCl2 x 2H2O, calcium phosphate, calcium glycerophosphate and calcium gluconate. We find that the fine structure of the Ca L3,2-edges for(More)
The first experimental results obtained from the Canadian SGM beamline at SRC (Synchrotron Radiation Centre, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA) are reported. The beamline is based on the Dragon-type design, with a constant deviation angle, using photons from a second-generation bending-magnet light source. The medium-energy grating on this beamline(More)
The variable line spacing plane grating monochromator beamline at the Canadian Light Source (CLS) employs three grazing incidence variable line spacing gratings to cover a photon energy range of 5-250 eV. It uses a 185 mm period length planar permanent magnet insertion device as the photon source, sharing a straight section with another soft x-ray beamline(More)
We report a multi-elment, multi-edge and multi-detection mode X-ray photoabsorption study of a series of Al/TiN(x)/Si(100) thin films as a function of the TiN(x) film thickness (100A-500A) and of the annealing temperature (400 degrees C-600 degrees C). The Si K- and L-edge results show that Si does not diffuse to the surface for all the films. The high(More)
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