B W J Mol

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BACKGROUND Based on a presumed negative impact of overweight and obesity on reproductive capacity and pregnancy outcome, some national guidelines and clinicians have argued that there should be an upper limit for a woman's BMI to access assisted reproductive technologies (ART). However, evidence on the risk of complications or expected success rate of ART(More)
Objective: Training in ultrasonography is frequently performed hands-on along with an experienced sonographer. With the introduction of cervical length (CL) measurement in a research setting, a CL measurement e-learning module (CLEM) was developed with the purpose to enhance the knowledge and skills of experienced ultrasonographers. CLEM was designed(More)
Caesarean section (CS) results in the occurrence of the phenomenon 'niche'. A 'niche' describes the presence of a hypoechoic area within the myometrium of the lower uterine segment, reflecting a discontinuation of the myometrium at the site of a previous CS. Using gel or saline instillation sonohysterography, a niche is identified in the scar in more than(More)
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