B. W. Henderson

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Rate Monotonic Analysis (RMA) is a well-established technique for assessing schedulability of periodic and sporadic tasks which share a processor resource using xed priority scheduling. Adaptations of this technique have been made to perform Response Time Analysis (RTA), accounting for jitter, blocking, distributed systems and end-to end timing constraints.(More)
Many attempts have been made to deene timed process algebras as a route to formal reasoning about real-time systems. In this paper we argue that existing timed process algebras unsuccessfully try to address all of the aspects which their untimed counterparts do | speciication, design and modelling | where they would be more useful if they were restricted to(More)
AORTA is an implementable timed process algebra which has been proposed as a design language for hard real-time systems. In this paper we show how AORTA can be used to design and model timed protocols, illustrated by the alternating bit protocol. We also describe tools which have been developed for simulation, veriication and automatic implementation of(More)
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