B. Vromans

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  • D A Liauw, Kie Fa, L J M Rothkrantz, C A P G Van Der Mast, Ir P Wiggers, Drs H Jongebloed +7 others
  • 2006
Preface In December 2004, I started my graduation project at DUTCHEAR, which I had found with the help of my thesis supervisor, Leon Rothkrantz. I thought I wanted to do something with designing intelligent dialogs and had started my literature research on the topic. However when I started the internship I found that making an intelligent dialog design(More)
The Philips SUSI system is a set of modules for the construction of automatic inquiry systems such as the train timetable information system TABA and the Philips Automatic Directory Information System (PADIS). These systems conduct a dialogue in continuous spontaneous speech with the user, giving access to information in a database. To improve the system(More)
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