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Microbiology and atmospheric processes: an upcoming era of research on bio-meteorology C. E. Morris, D. C. Sands, M. Bardin, R. Jaenicke, B. Vogel, C. Leyronas, P. A. Ariya, and R. Psenner INRA, Unité de Pathologie Végétale UR407, 84140 Montfavet, France Dept. Plant Sciences and Plant Pathology, 119 Plant Biosciences Bldg., Montana State University,(More)
In decerebrate cats the effects of supraspinal stimulation on Renshaw cells and motoneurones have been investigated. The results demonstrate direct excitation and inhibition of the Renshaw cells by descending impulses from brain stem or cerebellum. In the case of excitation of these interneurones the motoneurones are depressed, whereas supraspinal(More)
In einer prospektiven Studie über 5 1/2 Jahre wurde die diagnostische Wertigkeit eines artifiziellen neuronalen Netzwerkes (ANN) mit den 5 Eingangsvariablen PSA, %fPSA, Prostatavolumen, rektaler Tastbefund und Patientenalter im PSA-Bereich von 2–20 µg/l als Prostatabiopsieindikator evaluiert. Daten von 944 Prostatakarzinom- und BPH-Patienten wurden in einem(More)
BACKGROUND In Germany medical students should gain proficiency and specific skills in the vaccination field. Especially important is the efficient communication of scientific results about vaccinations to the community, in order to give professional counseling with a complete overview about therapeutic options. AIM OF THE PROJECT: The aim of this project is(More)
In the breeding season of 1995 the ecological function of field-forest ecotones for Woodlarks (Lullula arborea) was examined on an ex-military area of heath in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. The hypothesis of competition with Skylark (Alauda arvensis) was tested by analysis of territoriality and agonistic behaviour as well as foraging-sites behaviour. The possible(More)
Fehlerhafte Punktionen, die eine Perikardtamponade induzieren, werden insbesondere in Notfallsituationen bei Perikardiozentesen induziert. Entstehungsmechanismen sollen analysiert werden. Todesfälle mit Herzverletzungen bei thorakalen Punktionen wurden evaluiert. Im Institut für Rechtsmedizin der Universität Hamburg wurden in einem Einjahreszeitraum alle(More)
Experiments were carried out on the problem which developmental stages are affected by Dichlorvos strips in the control of stored products moths in granaries. Most of the larvae in the migratory stage of the Indian-meal-moth (Plodia interpunctella) that were brought into a granary within the first 2 months after the strips had been hung, died already in the(More)
In decerebrate cats some relations between synaptically firing α-motoneurones and the discharges of Renshaw cells have been investigated 1. Monosynaptic reflexes evoked by single shocks to ipsilateral low threshold muscle afferent fibres are followed by repetitive discharges of Renshaw cells. The central latency between the onset of the monosynaptic reflex(More)