B. Vijaya Saranya

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Clone Detection has considerably evolved over the last decade, leading to approaches with better results but with increasing complexity. Most of the existing approaches are limited to finding program fragments similar in their syntax or semantics, while the fraction of candidates that are actually clones and fraction of actual clones identified as(More)
Opportunistic networks are formed by small devices that communicate over a wireless link with each other. Opportunistic network possess various heterogeneous resources. Resource management and scheduling of these heterogeneous resources are major problems in the Opportunistic network due to highly dynamic behavior of the devices in the opportunistic(More)
Genetic, autoimmune, environmental, iatrogenic, and idiopathic factors are known to cause premature ovarian failure (POF). This report describes an X;11 translocation, t(X;11)(q22;q25), in a woman diagnosed with POF. The FSH level was found to be elevated. Menstrual cycle was regular initially, and she had a spontaneous abortion at the 5th month of(More)
5G Technology stands for Fifth Generation Mobile technology. From generation 1G to 2.5G and from 3G to 5G this world of telecommunication has seen a number of improvements along with improved performance with every passing day. Fifth generation network provide affordable broadband wireless connectivity (very high speed). The paper throws light on network(More)
WSNs are severely energy-constrained because they consist of many small, cheap and power limited nodes whose batteries cannot be recharged in most cases. Hence, the application of energy-efficient algorithms turns out to be crucial. Compressed Sensing (CS) appears to be a good candidate in order to exploit signal correlations in the time domain. The goal is(More)
Molecular characterization of 27 cytogenetically confirmed Indian XY females was attempted by screening selected regions of candidate genes namely SRY (HMG box) and the ligand-binding domain of androgen receptor (AR) (Exons 5-8). Three of the index cases showed sequence variations in exons of the AR gene: a deletion mutation in exon 6 (c.2762 del C), a(More)
Molecular characterization of 23 cytogenetically confirmed XY females was attempted by screening coding regions of SRY and androgen receptor (AR) genes. Five of the index cases showed sequence variations in various exons of the AR gene: a deletion (n.1911delG) and substitutions n.1761G >A and n.1317C >T in exon 1; n.3510C >T transition in exon 6 and(More)
In the world of internet and more use of wireless technology, there is increasing claim for internet in vehicles. Due to this purpose VANET is playing an important part in inter-vehicular as well as infrastructure based communication in Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS). These systems are aimed at addressing critical issues like passenger safety and(More)