B. Vigneshwaran

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Recent research have shown that the Wavelet Transform (WT) can potentially be used to extract Partial Discharge (PD) signals from severe noise like White noise, Random noise and Discrete Spectral Interferences (DSI). It is important to define that noise is a significant problem in PD detection. Accordingly, the paper mainly deals with denoising of PD(More)
We consider a continuous review (s ;S) inventory system at a service facility with two types of service and finite waiting hall. The maximum inventory level is S units. The waiting hall of size is N. We assume that the demands arrive according to a Poisson process with rate λ(> 0) and demands only single unit at a time. The demanded item is delivered to the(More)
This article presents a perishable inventory system under continuous review at a service facility in which a waiting area for customers is of finite size M. The authors assume that the replenishment of inventory is instantaneous. The items of inventory have exponential life times. It is assumed that demand for the commodity is of unit size. The service(More)
Partial Discharge (PD) behaviour in electrical apparatus leads to identify the degradation of insulating materials. This paper provides an analysis of Electric Field (E-Field), Electric potential distributions and Temperature analysis of the nanocomposite materials. The ultimate aim of this simulation studies are carried out to improve the breakdown(More)
The area of electric filed distribution is the major concern in the service life of polymeric insulators. In this paper, the Electric potential and Electric field (E-Field) distribution along the insulator are simulated. At first, the insulator is modeled and the electrical performance of 11 kV socket end fitting composite insulator, under normal and(More)
In recent years there is a need of alternative insulating fluid for replacing the transformer oil is increased. Owing to the poor biodegradability and availability, vegetable oil has widely replaced the conventional mineral oil used in power apparatus for various applications. Since field investigations may require a longtime progress for observing the(More)
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