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BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES (1) to evaluate the performance of emergency department triage; (2) to explore the variability of the triage process; and (3) to examine the reliability of a four-level triage scale, using an interactive triage simulator. METHODS We developed 22 interactive computerized vignettes describing patients presenting at the Emergency(More)
Histological analysis, which is used to detect and diagnose most tissue alterations, requires an invasive biopsy procedure and a time-consuming tissue treatment, which limit its efficiency in providing rapid, cost-effective diagnosis and hinder the longitudinal study of tissue alteration. To address these limitations, we have developed a novel procedure,(More)
BACKGROUND Low fat-free mass may be an independent risk factor for malnutrition that results in an increased length of hospital stay (LOS). OBJECTIVES The objectives were to compare differences in fat-free mass and fat mass at hospital admission between patients and healthy control subjects and to determine the association between these differences and(More)
High energy pelvic fractures or dislocations are associated with a high rate of early complications, due to the associated intrapelvic organs. The high rate of early mortality is mostly due to the intrapelvic, retroperitoneal bleeding caused by the laceration of vascular structures located in the presacral area. External compression of the pelvic ring,(More)
PURPOSE To determine the influence of early pain relief on the diagnostic performance of ultrasonography (US) and on the appropriateness of the surgical decision. MATERIALS AND METHODS A prospective randomized, double-blind placebo-controlled trial with morphine was conducted. A visual analog scale was used to evaluate pain in 340 patients aged 16 years(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to assess the effect of i.v. administration of N-acetylcysteine (NAC) on serum levels of creatinine and cystatin C, two markers of renal function, in patients with renal insufficiency who undergo emergency contrast-enhanced CT. SUBJECTS AND METHODS Eighty-seven adult patients with renal insufficiency who underwent(More)
QUESTION UNDER STUDY Elderly patients represent an increasing proportion of emergency department (ED) admissions. When no specific complaint is identified, the reason for referral is commonly called "home care impossible". The aim of this study was to describe a population of elderly patients who present to the ED of a 1200-bed university hospital without(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the influence of white cell count (WCC) on the decision to operate on patients with right lower abdominal pain. DESIGN Open study. SETTING University hospital, Switzerland. SUBJECTS 221 adult patients admitted to emergency department with right lower abdominal pain. INTERVENTIONS Surgeons were unaware of the WCC until after(More)
Excessive leukocyte activation has been proposed as a key mechanism in the onset of acute pancreatitis. In this study, we assessed the systemic release of various inflammatory mediators and tried to identify differences between patients with mild and severe disease. In a prospective study, 19 patients admitted for severe acute pancreatitis were compared(More)
BACKGROUND To facilitate students' transition from basic, science-oriented, problem-based learning (PBL) to clinical reasoning-oriented PBL, the University of Geneva School of Medicine introduced a 12-week unit of Introduction to Clinical Reasoning (ICR) at the beginning of its fourth or clerkship year. PURPOSE The aims of the present study were to(More)