B. Venkateshwara Rao

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Many e-commerce principles were pioneered in the airline industry. These include the first business-to-business electronic information exchange and industry-wide electronic marketplace. This environment provided unprecedented opportunity for operations research (OR) modeling. By the mid-1980s airlines used customer shopping data to calibrate traveler demand(More)
Drugs play an important role in improving health of the population. Medicinal plants help in addressing the health issues of a large section of the population - especially the low and middle-income people. However, there are some concerns about the supply, efficacy and safety in using them. This study reviews India's major initiative toward medicinal plants(More)
In this paper we shall evaluate the measure theoretic, as well as topological (Baire category theoretic) complexity of the set of convergent subsequences of a given sequence of real numbers. Similar problems regarding subseries and rearrangements of a given series are also discussed. 1. Subsequences of a given sequence. In what follows, 2" stands for the(More)
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