B. Venkata Ramana

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— This paper presents the design and evaluation of Meghadoot – a hybrid wireless network architecture that provides improved services, such as better connectivity among the users, efficient routing, and access to the Internet. Meghadoot architecture combines the advantages of both single-hop and multi-hop wireless networks. Meghadoot is extremely useful (a)(More)
The performance of Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) over Ad hoc wireless networks (or simply ad hoc networks) has been extensively studied through simulations by the research community. Although many theoretical models, such as [1], have been proposed for estimating the performance of TCP over wired networks, researchers have faced many difficulties in(More)
High-speed lookup operations are performed by Ternary Content addressable memories. But TCAMs are limited due to low storage density, relatively access time, low scalability, complex circuitry, and are very expensive in comparison with static random access memories (SRAMs).The benefits of SRAM are availed by configuring an additional logic to enable SRAM to(More)
Mobile Adhoc Networks (MANETs) are dynamic and self-organized temporary networks which include a set of mobile routers and hosts sharing same radio channel using wireless connections exchanging data without a centralized management. Due to limited transmission range of wireless Adhoc network nodes, multiple hops are usually needed for a node to exchange(More)
Multilevel inverters have been a widely accepted solution for high voltage and high power applications. Their performance is highly superior to that of conventional two-level inverters due to reduced harmonic distortion, lower electromagnetic interference, and higher dc link voltages. Their main disadvantage is their complexity, requiring a great number of(More)
Substance abusers and drug addicts generally seek the fastest and most effective methods of getting high this means that drug delivery methods are important to users, and typically an addict will prefer one method over another. However, because there are a wide variety of drug delivery methods, substance abusers will often fluctuate between these techniques(More)
— A reliable routing protocol for wireless sensor networks (WSN) should be capable of adjusting to constantly varying network conditions while conserving maximum power. Existing Routing protocols provide reliability at the cost of high energy consumption. In this paper, we propose to develop an Adaptive Energy Efficient Reliable Routing Protocol (AEERRP)(More)
The problem of voltage instability is gaining more and more importance because of the unusual growth of power systems and insufficient or inefficient reactive power management. The voltage stability problem of a power system is associated with a rapid voltage drop due to heavy system load. Voltage reduction has a cumulative effect unless ample reactive(More)