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OBJECT This prospective study was conducted to quantify brain shifts during open cranial surgery, to determine correlations between these shifts and image characteristics, and to assess the impact of postimaging brain distortion on neuronavigation. METHODS During 48 operations, movements of the cortex on opening, the deep tumor margin, and the cortex at(More)
In recent years, advances in computer technology and a significant increase in the accuracy of medical imaging have made it possible to develop systems that can assist the clinician in diagnosis, planning, and treatment. This paper deals with an area that is generally referred to as computer-assisted surgery, image-directed surgery, or image-guided surgery.(More)
M. Breeuwer a, H.L.T. de Bliek a, J. Buurman a, P.A.C. Desmedt a, P. Gieles a, F.A. Gerritsen a, J.P. Wadley b, N.L. Dorward b, B. Velani b, N.D. Kitchen b, D.G.T. Thomas b, O. Wink c, J.D. Blankensteijn c, B.C. Eikelboom c, W.P.Th.M. Mali c, M.A. Viergever c, G.P. Penney d, R. Gaston d, C.R. Maurer d, D.L.G. Hill d, D.J. Hawkes d, J. Weese e, J. Sabczynski(More)
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