B. Van Damme

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Dr. Ylikorkala and colleagues (January 3, p. 42) present evidence for lowered (PGI2) prostacyclin production in normal women after prolonged use of estrogen-containing (OCs) oral contraceptives but not after use of a progestagen-only OC. We have seen a 23-year old multiparous normotensive woman whohad a (HUS) hemolytic uremic syndrome 5 months postpartum(More)
In 1923 Masson described a neo-plastic process consisting of papillary hyperplasia of the vascular endothelial cells, with a consequent obliteration of the vascular lumen, followed by degenerative changes. He introduced the term 'vegetant intravascular hemangioendothelioma'. However, these days it is more commonly known as papillary endothelial hyperplasia(More)
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