B. V. Ramakrishnan

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The statistical performance analysis of ESPRIT, root-MUSIC, minimum-norm methods for direction estimation, due to "nite data perturbations, using the modi"ed spatially smoothed covariance matrix, is developed. Expressions for the mean-squared error in the direction estimates are derived based on a common framework. Based on the analysis, the use of the(More)
In electronics cooling, water is increasingly replacing air for applications requiring high heat flux. Water is the ideal substitute due to its high specific heat capacity and density. Indeed, high values of heat capacity (high density and specific heat capacity) enable water to receive, store and carry higher amounts of energy compared to air. Water's(More)
Recent advancements in microelectronics packaging and fabrication have resulted in high heat flux densities in data center server components. Liquid cooling is increasingly replacing air cooling in data centers because of its high heat carrying capacity. It also provides an energy efficient way to transport heat from processor as compared to air cooling(More)
This study presents an experimental and numerical characterization of pressure drop in a commercially available direct liquid cooled (DLC) rack. It is important to investigate the pressure drop in the DLC system as it determines the required pumping power for the DLC system, which affects the energy efficiency of the data center. The main objective of this(More)
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