B. V. Koniukhov

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The effect of transforming growth factor alpha (TGF alpha) on the development of diploid parthenogenetic mouse embryos (CBA x C57BL/6)F1 was studied. The embryos were in vitro treated with the TGF alpha at the stage of morula. Upon reaching the blastocyst stage, each embryo was implanted into uterus of a pseudopregnant female. At a dose of 5 ng/ml, the TGF(More)
This is a review of the data of clonal analysis of developing tissues in parthenogenetic and androgenetic chimeric mice. The time and causes of death of the parthenogenetic and androgenetic cell clones in chimeras are considered. The data obtained suggest that the development of cell clones, derivatives of the mesoderm and endoderm, is determined by the(More)
The eye rudiments of 10 and 11 days old mouse embryos of the genotypes +/+ +/+, fi/fi +/+, +/+ or/or, fi/fi or/or and 11 days old embryos of the genotype fi/+ or/+ were cultivated in vitro during 24, 48 and 72 hrs. The expression of the fi gene was shown in the cells of the cultivated fi/fi +/+ retina: its proliferative activity was inhibited. The fi gene(More)
The eye development has been studied in the 12-day-old, 14-day-old embryos and in neonates of Cm/+ ak/ak genotype. The gene coloboma (Cm) in heterozygous state causes a typical coloboma of the iris and the gene aphakia (ak) blocks the lens development in the homozygotes. It has been shown that in Cm/+ ak/ak mice the eyes go through mainly the same abnormal(More)
Analysis of ocular retardation (or) and fidget (fi) genes expression in 18 day old embryos, 10 and 20 day old or/or C/C----+/+ c/c and fi/fi or/or C/C----+/+ +/+ c/c mice has shown that genes or and fi are active in developing retina and suppress cell proliferation. Structural defects of retina and decrease in the eye size in the chimaeras, compared to the(More)
Mitotic index and parameters of the cell cycle were determined in the brain and spinal cord of 10 days old Lp/Lp and +/+ mouse embryos. The mitotic index and duration of the cell cycle periods proved to be the same for embryos of both the genotypes. The generation time of the brain and spinal cord cells both in the mutant and normal embryos is 9 hrs,(More)