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Phase shifts between the rhythmical activity of the hippocampus (CA1), somatosensory, motor and visual areas of the neocortex in the delta-, theta- and alpha-bands were studied during electrostimulation of the mesencephalic reticular formation with different frequencies. It was found that increasing stimulation frequency resulted in nonlinear decrease of(More)
The representation of an electroencephalogram as a convolution of harmonic functions having negative decrements with discrete (evenly discontinuous) white Gaussian noise was considered. A substantiation of this representation is given. It was numerically shown that the convolution of the decrement damping alpha-rhythm of one frequency with discrete white(More)
The results obtained earlier showed that the electroencephalogram is represented as convolution of harmonic functions having negative decrements with discrete evenly discontinuous white Gaussian noise. The method of EEG decrements calculation has been proposed and tested on model processes with set-up parameters and on real rat encephalograms. Studies of(More)
Here AT is the quantization interval; H(kAT), the histogram of the interimpulse intervals of all orders, which shows the number of such intervals of duration 1which are found within the limits kAr < r < (k + 1)AT, k = 0, 1, 2 ..... n; Hi,2(kAr), the histogram of interimpulse intervals of all orders reckoned from the times of appearance of impulses in one(More)
studies," J. Comp. Neurol., i18, 43 (1961). 16. A. L. Towe, D. Whiteborn, and J. K. Nyquist, "Facilitatory modulation of widefield neurons of the cat postcruciate cerebral cortex," Exp. Neurol., 20, 497 (1968). 17. C. N. Woolsey, "Organization of somatic sensory and motor areas of the cerebral cortex," in: Biological and Biochemical Bases of Behaviour (H.(More)
1. In a microarea of the visual cortex with tangential dimensions of not more than 300 μ dependent relations between neurons are most often (80%) exhibited when recording cells with one electrode. With an increase of the distance between neurons the number of independently working pairs decreases. 2. The greatest diversity of the forms of cross-correlation(More)
The average correlation coefficient between the EEG of different parts of the cortex gradually decreases as the rabbit is habituated to the experimental surroundings. Elaboration of an electo-defensive conditioned reflex leads to its enhancement which is replaced by a phase of temporary decrease, to be followed again by an enhancement of EEG correlation.(More)
An integral equation that takes into account the absolute and relative refractory periods of cortical cells was added to the earlier obtained integral equations describing the cooperation of excitatory and inhibitory neurons of the cerebral cortex, and its substantiation was suggested. The steady states and the stable region of oscillations of the mean(More)